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Being Different is the New Activism - Eres Croker

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

With the pressures of society to conform to beauty standards, a new form of activism has slowly been dismissing those standards and emphasizing the beauty of individuality. There is so much pressure out there on women: skinny body, no acne, small waist, big boobs, thick hair, show skin but not enough to look like a slut, and a style that is the same as everyone else but not too basic. As expected, our current generation is becoming exhausted of these absurd social norms and is starting to protest against these beliefs with their unique individuality.

More than ever before, Instagram has given a platform and voice to a broad spectrum of these activists. Girls are posting pictures posing with wild makeup, distinct fashion, and unnatural poses. This is a way of our generation speaking out and saying that we do not have to conform to society. Our bodies, styles, tastes, and beliefs are all different, and that is perfectly okay. . We are learning to accept that our community can not be sliced with a cookie cutter definition of beauty.

It is refreshing to see people standing up by showing their unique bodies, feeling okay in themselves, and even if they aren’t comfortable, doing it anyways to show that they aren’t apologizing for the way that they look. Women don’t have to look sexy all the time, and if they do look sexy, it doesn’t mean that they’re asking for attention. Women don’t have to be skinny, and if they are skinny, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re worth more than women who weigh more. Men don’t have to always be masculine, and if they aren’t it, doesn’t mean that they’re gay. Men can wear makeup if they want, and if they do, it doesn’t mean that they are any less deserving of life than anyone else.

Stop the judgement and hatred. Let everyone be. Unity is much more prominent in a world where standing out is okay. If everybody was accepting of people’s differences, there would be less hate. The world will never be perfect, but right now we are impossibly far from it. Just because the cool people wear star sweaters, doesn’t mean that you have to buy one too. Just because you wear a unique outfit, doesn’t mean that everyone else should too.

Being different does not have to mean purposefully sticking a middle finger in the air to all the norms and refusing to be a little like others. It means embracing your reality, potential, personality, beauty, and energy from within; and most importantly, doing it unapologetically. Do not apologize for your body type, mental illness, struggles, personality, individual beliefs, or anything else that you fear the opinions of. When living for someone else, your life will be unfulfilling and unsatisfactory. The only way to die with a sense of contentment with the quality of your life is to accept yourself for who you are and only live for you.

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