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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Yes, this is another article talking about quarantine. The purpose of this article is to compile a list of different resources on what you can do to polish up your skills– or gain new ones– during your time indoors. If you choose to gain any certificates, they can help boost your resume and can help you stand out to possible recruiters!

Code Academy is a website that offers free coding classes in many different coding languages such as Java or Python. I personally really like how interactive the platform is, and I think that it has a really good learning curve.

Hacker Rank is a website that allows programmers from all over the world to polish their skills by solving different algorithms and problems presented to them. Recently, they have added a certification section where programmers can take Hackerrank’s test and get certified in basic programming knowledge, problem-solving, and many more!

Udemy is another website that helps teach people how to code. This website does not offer free classes but recently has been offering discounts on most of its classes. Thus, if you get the chance, look over the many classes they are offering! If you decide to purchase a course, you get videos explaining different coding concepts, coding challenges and quizzes to help determine what topics you need to study on!

Autopsy is a popular digital forensics tool that allows investigators to look through data in a more efficient manner. Currently, due to COVID-19, the website is offering training on how to use the program for free, instead of its usual $495. However, this offer expires on June 1st! If you choose not to participate or if the offer expires, you can still download the program for free and learn how to use it on your own!

This website is designed to help test and build up your penetration skills. You can choose to do this alone or with friends. If you are interested in cyber security, this is definitely an interesting website to check out! fications

Indeed has listed out 16 different types of certificates for anyone who is

interested in Computer Science or IT. These certificates can help boost your career professionally.

If you’ve reached the end of this article, I hope you found something to possibly keep you occupied. If not, I hope this has given you an insight on how certificates can help you with any career goal you have in mind! Even if you don’t feel like pursuing any of these resources during quarantine, save them for future use!

Stay safe everyone!

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