How EntrepreneuHER2020 Helped Me Start in Response to COVID - Gemma Bradbury

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Font Femme Magazine ran EntrepreneuHER2020, a virtual makeathon where hundreds of young girls, including us, collaborated to create our own initiatives solving issues faced in our communities pertaining to the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are a group of three young students from all over the world – Nancy Patel from India, Kaitlyn Zhou from the USA and Gemma Bradbury from the UK. Through the makeathon we launched an initiative called, an Instagram page where we aim to promote the stories of members of our club and share important mental health resources.

Our platform provides a safe space for club members to share their struggles, hardships and mental health concerns during the pandemic. Our page is a place for discussion, advice and support from other members of our club, promoting a sense of increased connectivity and community, which are especially important in quarantine.

Our club goes beyond just a simple Instagram page. We already have a linked discord channel where members can communicate and offer support. If our page begins to grow, we hope to be able to expand further by launching community challenges, starting a podcast and even running fundraising events.

EntrepreneuHER2020 was an incredible event in which students from all over the world were able to come together to share ideas and start their own projects. For us, this allowed us to network with students from all over the world and collaborate remotely on projects to solve issues that we are passionate about.

One thing in particular that made EntrepreneuHER2020 such an incredible experience was the ability to listen to a multitude of acclaimed guest speakers. This allowed us all to gain invaluable insight into topics such as entrepreneurship and design thinking from experienced individuals. The workshops and panels offered us lots of tips on developing a personal brand and web development which really guided us in the creation of our own initiative by lending us knowledge and resources.

The possibilities for the future of are endless. We believe our page has the potential to grow and expand and become a place people turn to for help in times of need.

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