Interview with Color and Curiosity

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

Color Curiosity is an online platform that strives to encourage intellectual growth, exploration, and learning through encouraging womxn travel and sharing their anecdotes with the world. Last week, we had the honor of interviewing Megan Zink, the founder of the organization, and had her share her story with us. What is your story? What first prompted you to get involved in the work that you do?

Megan has always loved exploring art, nature, and travel. In fact, she aspired to become a photographer for National Geographic as she was growing up. Having a degree in journalism and minoring both in business marketing and photography at Indiana University, it's no surprise that she has always gravitated towards people and documenting their stories. to build out a series of interviews of female entrepreneurs and how travel inspires them:

"I especially loved learning about others and discovering new perspectives."

These served as the stepping stones to the development of Color and Curiosity,

a media platform focused on amplifying the stories of womxn in travel, technology and creative and encourages lifelong learning through education, travel and other pursuits.

So far, Color and Curiosity has shared the stories of over ten amazing womxn and that list grows every day.

"I hope our audience is inspired to try something new, or maybe even just become aware of something they never knew was out there – whether it’s a career path, a new hobby or maybe even just a simple idea," states Megan.

The mission of Color & Curiosity is to provide inspiration and resources to support lifelong learning initiatives, and Megan hopes to create a community that inspires people to see humans as fellow humans, be kind, and above all, learn empathy.

Learn more about Megan's initiatives at Color and Curiosity here!

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