Saving the Planet with EntrepreneuHER2020: EnRoute – Angela Busheska

If I were to select one insight from my amazing experience at EntrepreneuHER2020, it would be that change starts with our ideas, our passion, and, most importantly, our action. Throughout the weekend full of inspirational stories, global collaboration, and enlightening takeaways, not only have I gained once-in-a-lifetime insight about starting your own successful initiatives and met incredible people around the world who I created strong bonds with, but I was also more driven than ever to create a small solution that can help us fight a significant problem on a global scale.

I truly believe that solving problems we've had on our skin is the key solution to making this world a better place to live in. The capital city of my country, Skopje, is covered by heavy smog for more than six months a year. Each year Skopje takes place among the most polluted cities throughout the world. But it was not always like this. We started as the city in the top 100, rising to the top 50, then top 10, then top 5. But, last year, we claimed our seat as the most polluted city in the world. But Skopje is not overpopulated nor has an extensive industry.

Skopje is mainly bleeding because of us, its loyal citizens, and our resistance to change.

The consequences – the quality of the air has on our mental and physical health – are enormous. The city is completely enveloped in smog, causing breathing and cardiovascular complications. And this is why I wanted to take action. During a time when people are lonelier than ever and keen on online interactions, I've created EnRoute to inspire people around the globe to be the heroes planet Earth deserves to have!

EnRoute is a fully personalized free mobile application which, by planning your daily activities, helps you to view all transport options available and gets the most environmentally-friendly combination tailored to your needs and budget. To further motivate people to save the planet and reward themselves twice, EnRoute, for each established environmental combination, awards its users a point that can be used in the EnRoute Online Shop to buy a coffee or a salad. It allows you to build a community of change-makers, connect on Social Media, and receive more points as well. Okay, Candy Crash Saga is great, but now let's compete on saving more CO2 emissions and using the power of tech for good.

With EnRoute, you can also educate your children about climate action and learn a lot more handy tips that will help you to reduce your bills, and of course, be a climate hero.

EnRoute is supporting change-makers of all types. Vegan or vegetarian? We've got you covered. With EnRoute, you will be able to check restaurants and supermarkets to buy food of your choice. Want organic cosmetics and sustainable fashion? We've got that too. With one scan, you will be able to see what you are investing your money in.

Because we may not entirely rely on changes made by specific governmental programs, nor can we all resort to electric cars and solar panels, the goal of EnRoute is to connect all people to do minor good deeds each day. Because when every single one of us makes those small changes, humanity becomes the most significant factor saving the planet.

Moreover, COVID-19 lockdowns proved that the goal of a sustainable future i.e., EnRoute's goal is not irrational. As we managed to get the mountains and dolphins back for just two months, a low-CO2 future can be reached with tiny everyday changes in our schedules for less than ten years. But we don't want a virus saving the world. Instead, we must also do our part to contribute to helping our planet.

EntrepreneuHER2020 helped me found and develop EnRoute. Moreover, it is currently being considered as one of the Social Impact Award Finalists. Your vote means the realization of EnRoute, i.e., saving thousands of CO2 emissions.

Until we launch the app, be sure to find more sustainable travel, be more rational with water and electricity, and minimize waste and eat locally.


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