STEM and the Imposter Syndrome – Diya Thapliyal

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

As technology advances and the world becomes more progressive day by day, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of women are pursuing careers in STEM. These women are forced to undergo a lot of competition, rigorous coursework, and academic stress.

However, these struggles often lead women pursuing STEM into the belief that they are simply not good enough to pursue a degree in STEM. This is known as imposter syndrome, where someone believes they are under-qualified to be at a certain institution, profession, or academic field in comparison to their peers.

I’m here to give girls new to STEM a few tips on how to feel more validated in their journeys of education.

1. Normalize and Confide.

Most girls feel the same way! It is a common sentiment among girls in STEM to feel as if they do not belong in their fields of choice. Just know that this feeling does not make you weird! It is completely normal to feel insecure and it might do you more good than harm to confide in someone about it!

2. It’s okay to feel lost and to fail.

Sometimes embracing our discomfort is the best way to overcome it. Let yourself mess up and don’t beat yourself over it. Afterall, the best way to learn is through failure.

3. Remind yourself of your accomplishments.

We often sell ourselves short. Do things to remind yourself of the things you’ve done. Read over your resume or look at photos from a time you volunteered or worked. Remind yourself of the awards and experience that you’ve received. You can even ask others close to you to help you recognize your accomplishments.

While this all may feel arbitrary, it is important to remember that maintaining your morale and mental health is crucial in performing well. Don’t feel afraid to battle your insecurities and share your troubles. In the same light, remember to check up on your friends and give them some love. Kindness and support always go a long way.

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