#TrillOut Challenge – Rachel Liu

Updated: Jan 22, 2021

“My fingers were shaking. Every tick of the clock felt like torture: time was moving sideways, sticky and molasses-slow. My heart was pounding, legs bouncing with nervous energy. I was going to do it. It was still the first time I was saying it out loud: I’m bisexual. I was going to finally come out to my family.”

Everyone’s coming out story is unique. This was the experience of one of the anonymous users of Trill, an anonymous and safe social network for mental health peer support. A combination of the words True and Real, Trill focuses on using technology to foster honesty and authenticity in a welcoming community. As a female-founded, BIPOC-owned, and GenZ-powered start-up team, we’ve launched an iOS app with 75,000+ users in more than 40 countries.

We started off as a small startup founded by high school students. Now we’re a team of 20+ college and high-school-aged students all working to make the Internet a safer space for people from all walks of life. And currently, we’re expanding our press and influencer outreach in a variety of social-media-based campaigns. In our National Coming Out Day #TrillOut Challenge for October 11, we’re launching an open call for coming out day stories — whether hilarious, wholesome, or devastating, we want ‘em all!

The purpose of our #TrillOut Challenge is to alleviate and normalize the stigma that often comes hand in hand with coming out. Coming out (whether for the first, second, or maybe even a hundredth time) is a stressful process, and we understand that. Even coming out to family members and friends who love you may sometimes be a daunting task. But don’t pressure yourself to come out if you’re not ready! Talk to us (or your new friends on our app Trill!) about all your fears and worries. Remember that your anxieties are valid and that you will always have a supportive community with us.


In our #TrillOut Challenge we invite you to share your coming out story with us however you feel comfortable. You can submit a voiceover and series of photos for us to edit together, a piece of art, a video recording — whatever you want! Feel free to post your story on Instagram and tag us @thetrillproject, submit it privately by emailing us at hello@trillproject.com, or post it to the TrillOut group on the Trill group within Trill’s app. We can’t wait to hear your True and Real Stories. Stay Trill!

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